The Nexus and the Continent of Malta

The continent of Malta exists upon a ringworld, known as The Nexus. As its name implies, The Nexus is a gathering of people; a link between individuals; a coming together of all things at one time and in one place. It is the collision of corporeal energy, the power of our physical existence, and ethereal energy, the power of our thoughts and our souls. The Nexus is the direct result of the mortal soul discovering its origin and its maker.

As The Nexus progressed, a social, economic and political structure similar to the dark ages came into the norm. Within this emerging society, the vast majority of the population lives in small rural communities with larger cities, as hubs of commerce and trading, serving as the central location for a governing body.

Malta sits on the seam of the ringworld where the two ends met as the world was built. Despite the intricate calculations required to have a ringworld encircling a star meet, the connection was not perfect and a ridge over one mile high splits the continent in half and extends into the ocean. Lower Malta is dominated by the Ixthian Empire while Upper Malta contains many realms and kingdoms.

A section ringworld collided with an asteroid field in the year 1086 EC in the Telemian Calendar. The continent of Malta was devistated by this event during the “Days of the Tarasque” leading most of the inhabitants believing this to have been the beginning of the 3rd Great War of the gods. Several major cities were destroyed in the process and most of Malta has been thrown into chaos. Some of the great Noble Families have fallen while others have strengthened their grip on their realms.

In the Campaign, the currently year is 1097 EC.

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