Faelynn del'Darian

Bright Elven Druid


Faelynn is a young bright elf whose parentage he does not know. He was raised by Simathar Othianvan, a druid protecting an ancient oak grove in the forests just north of Crossroads. Simathar perished in the destruction of Malta.

Faelynn is utterly serene, even in the face of danger. He uses few words to convey his thoughts, but rather takes action and expect others to follow his lead. His ideal is nature; to Faelynn the natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization. The past year, he suffered awful visions of a coming disaster and now that it has occurred, he will stop at nothing to discover the cause of the disaster and destroy it or whomever is responsible, if possible. His flaw is that he would risk too much, including his friends, to uncover the truth regarding the destruction of Malta and the ancient glade.

Faelynn carries an oaken staff harvested from a branch of an ancient tree from his glade. The tree had been struck by lightning and the branch fell to the ground at his feet while he meditated in a deep trance. He has adorned the staff with feathers, from a giant eagle that nested within the glade, bound to the staff with a cord made from vines that emerged from the ground upon his first casting of entangle.


Faelynn del'Darian

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