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  • Home Page

    The Nexus and the Continent of Malta

    The continent of Malta exists upon a ringworld, known as The Nexus. As its name implies, The Nexus is a gathering of people; a link between individuals; a coming together of all things at one time and

  • Character Creation

    Characters can be dwarven, elven, goblyn, gnome, halfling, half-elf or human. All sub-races are available.

    Races have the following adjustments:
    Dwarf: +1 Con, -1 Int
    Elf, Noble: +1 Int, -1 Con
    Elf, Bright

  • Spell Casters

    Magic System Overview
    On the Nexus, we use an alternative magic system based on the mana point system published in Spells & Magic for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition.

    With this system, every caster gains Mana Points

  • Deyus, the One True God

    Deyus, the One True God created the immortal beings, known as the Ealintaine long before the Nexus existed. Very few people on the Nexus worship Deyus because she does not grant powers like the other immortals.

  • The Ealintaine

    The Ealintaine are mystically powerful beings who discovered many years ago that when mortals worship them, they grow in power. They have granted powers to those disciples whom pray to the gods, the Ealintaine, and bring the gods names to new

  • Ahnkil, the Shapeshifter


    Ahnkil, the Shapeshifter, was at one time a very weak deity in Midian. However, through deceit and deception, he has gained much power and prestige. His power lies in the fact that he often deceives his victims by transforming

  • Cambris, the Gatekeeper of Time


    Cambris is probably the most intelligent Ealintaine, het, at the same time, he is one of the most cunning. Cambris is known as the Gatekeeper of Time because of his mastery of the Harmonic Wave and the infinite strands of reality

  • Cosmos, the Revered


    Cosmos is also known as The Revered for her essential role in the balance between the Physical Realm and the Ethereal Realm. Her power to control the flow of energy between ether and the Nexus has allowed her power to

  • Daze, the Contented


    Daze has always been and probably will always remain a minor political player in the hierarchy of Talmor. His even temper and calm demeanor has led to his naming as The Contented. Anyone in Dazes presence has

  • Freel, the Beautiful


    Freel is one of the youngest Ealintaine. Her ability to gain influence and pwer among the Ealintaine is enhanced by the allure of her beauty. Freel is very cunning and devious. She will use any means in her power to continue to

  • Gaelrawn, the Destroyer


    Gaelrawn, the son of Archeabus, is known as The Destroyer amongst the mortals of the Nexus. He is very violent and war-like. His power has continually increased over the last four hundred years as he has targeted the

  • Halcyon, the Life Giver


    Although Halcyon is one of the most powerful gods in the Ethereal Realm, she is well received by all the Ealintaine. Her special ability to heal the wounds of physical matter and to restore life to the universe is unrivaled by any

  • Halloran, the WIse


    Halloran is on the most ancient of the Ealintaine. She is very peaceful, and those who seek her counsel or blessing find serenity while in her presence. This ability to instill tranquility and harmony into the minds of both

  • Jolnar, the Three Eyed Warrior


    Jolnar is one of the most feared Ealintaine in the entire Ethereal realm. Because of his violent temperament, he resides in the city of Midian. However, he is more closely aligned with the inhabitants of Talmor. Jolnar is known

  • Lorethan, the Hunter


    Lorethan is eldest of the offspring of Halloran, the Wise. Lorethan is a vigilant warrior who delights in the hunt more than the kill. During the wars between the Ealintaine, Lorethan destroyed entier armies by hunting down the

  • Mere, the Siren



    Requirements: Minimum Xxx of 15

    Powers Granted

    Spheres of Influence
    All, Animal (aquatic only), Divination, Elemental (Water), Healing, Protection, Weather

  • Niomachus, the Just

    Niomachus is one of the most powerful Ealintaine in Talmor. He is a valian warrior who rivals the skill and deadliness of Jolnar and Archeabus. Niomachus has a following of warriors known as the Order of the Knights of Niomachus.

  • Reverie, the Dreamer



    Requirements: Minimum Xxx of 15

    Powers Granted

    Spheres of Influence
    All, Astral, Charm, Divination, Elemental (Air), Healing, Protection,

  • Marchosias

    During his lifetime, Marchosias was a human warrior. He is now the Overlord to Manx. He hunts the Malachi to take the Elven Gem Key to open the portal to Midian. At other times, Marchosias has served

  • Astral Heritage

    A character with an Astral Heritage is able to manipulate time and space. He has the following powers:

    The character has a 5% chance to distrupt the space and time every time he makes a successful melee attack. If successful,

  • Wizards

    Wizard Cantrips
    A character with a level of wizard can cast prestidigitation, detect magic and read magic by expending 1 Minor Mana Point. Prestidigitation is a cantrip causing a minor spell effect of anything the player can imagine. The

  • Priests

    Priest Orisons
    A character with a bonus level of a priest class can cast stabilize, detect undead and guidance by expending 1 Mana Point. Stabilize will instantly stop all bleeding damage and prevent a character from dying if he is below

  • Druid

    Druid Known Spells
    Druids can cast spells from the following spheres: All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Nature, Plant, Sun and Weather. Druids can choose to only have access to a single Elemental sphere of their choice in which case that

  • Paladin

    Paladin Known Spells
    Paladins have major access to combat, divination, healing and protection. In addition, they have minor access to any other spheres in which his deity grants access.

  • Ranger

    Ranger Known Spells
    Rangers have minor access to animal, elemental (any one), healing and plant.

  • Bard

    Specialty Schools
    A Bard may choose to specialize in a particular school of arcane magic.

    Bard Known Spells
    A character with a level in bard knows a 1st level spell of his choice plus a 1st level spell from his specialty

  • Criticals

    Critical Hits
    A Critical Hit occurs when a player rolls a natural 20 on a melee or ranged attack roll.

    Critical Strikes
    A Critical Strike occurs when a player rolls a natural 1 on a saving

  • Campaign

    The Chronicles of Malta

    The year is 1097 EC. The continent of Malta has been devastated by a meteor shower that punched holes through the inner and outer plates of the ringworld.

    The party has been assembled by Ghrezdd, the First

  • Mortals - Elves

    Before the great sleep, the Elves perceived the harmonic wave in its entirety. Thus they had a complete view of the future as well as the ramifications of any possible action.

    Elves stand between

  • Mortals - Goblyns

    Goblyns are segmented into three races, which have evolved from a single lineage. It is written: the first Goblyn, Ankus, was created by the gods to be a master of armies. To his three offspring he assigned the task of ruling the lands he

  • Mortals - Netherlings

    Both Dwarves and Gnomes originate from the same species. They are similar in appearance standing between three to four feet in height. They inhabit only mountainous regions and dislike light.

  • Mortals - Humans

    The Human species comes from an eclectic background spread across many continents. The different Human cultures developed and thrived on independence, adaptability and resilience. Humans have adapted to all regions of the

  • Realms - Free Cities

    Free Cities
    Delta City
    Drake Caster
    East Port
    Ivy Island
    New Meridian
    Old Meridian

  • Ethereal Realm - Tomes of Magic

    The Tomes of Magic by Zylstra

    Zylstra, the First Hazard of Avenell, attributes the following passage to Alaquendai, one of the Foundation Magi. It was presumably translated from a series of papyrus scrolls written in the ancient

  • Ringworld - Founding of the Nexus

    Chronicles of the Malachi

    This excerpt is from the Chronicles of the Malachi book number 27 as translated by Malachi the Destroyer in 1072 EC.

    Deyus came before the beginning. Yet, in the beginning, there was

  • History - A Brief History of Malta

    A Brief History of Malta by Treforth, published 934 EC.

    Because of the vast impact of religion upon Nexus, nearly every culture is directly tied to one, specific deity. As the deity increases in power, so

  • Ringworld - Story of Creation

    The Story of Creation *

    This excerpt is from The Story of Creation as told by Hamril, the Keeper of History for the Malision house of Noble Elves, to Lord Damericus Hebron, living Avatar to Cambris and ruler of

  • Ringworld - Time on the Ringworld


    While the immortals of the Etheral Realm exist in all times simultaneously, time for mortals is broken into segments known as Thumbs. A thumb is roughly equivalent to one hour. A thumb is a measure of the distance between the

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