Character Creation

Characters can be dwarven, elven, goblyn, gnome, halfling, half-elf or human. All sub-races are available.

Races have the following adjustments:
Dwarf: +1 Con, -1 Int
Elf, Noble: +1 Int, -1 Con
Elf, Bright: +1 Dex, -1 Con
Elf, Dark: +1 WIs, -1 Con
Goblyn, Aegean: +1 Int, -1 Dex
Goblyn, Argean: +1 Wis, -1 Dex
Goblyn, Avenian: +1 Str, -1 Dex
Gnome: +1 Int, -1 Wis
Halfling: +1 Dex, -1 Str
Half-elf: +1 any ability
Human: +1 any ability,

All races can be any class without level limitation. Multi-classing and dual-classing is permitted with any class/race combination, except that wisdom based spell casters classes cannot multi-class with intelligence based spell caster classes. You either gain access to the Ethereal Realm from your own talents or are granted powers from the Ealintaine; not both. These classes can dual-class, however, casting abilities from the first caster class are never regained regardless of the level of the second caster class.

Abilities – Average 14 & Point Buy System
Each character starts with 14 in each ability and then can lower abilities to raise abilities. Abilities can also be lowered to gain one point per one point lowered. The cost of raising an ability to 15 or 16 is one point each. The cost to raise an ability to 17 is an additional two points. The cost to raise an ability to 18 is an additional three points. Therefore, to raise an ability to 18, a player will need to lower other scores by 7 points. No ability can be raised above 18 or below 7 before racial adjustments.

Experience Points
Each character starts with 5,000 experience points.

Each character receives the starting gold as indicated below. The character cannot purchase any magical items.

Fighter = 700 gp
Wizard = 550 gp
Rogue = 620 gp
Priest = 680 gp

Hit Points
Each character starts with the maximum number of hit points for 1st level. Subsequent levels are rolled.

Each character is connected with a noble house either as a member or ward of that household. Roll d100 and see the following table:

01-02 In succession (roll d10 to determine position)
03-10 Distant succession.
11-25 Relative; formal position
26-75 Relative; no formal position
76-90 Ward; related to a Bannerman
91-97 Ward; child of a Bannerman
98-99 In succession of a Bannerman
100 Bannerman

Ethereal Heritage
Each character is granted an Ethereal Heritage associated with his noble/banner family or with his chosen deity as determined by the DM. This will include a base power that will increase with each character level.

Inherent Magic
All characters inherently receive 2 mana points at creation and gain an additional 2 mana points per class level. This pool of mana points can only be used to cast Presdigitation.

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Character Creation

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