Icon… the mythic tower of sorcery.

Icon, rising up in the middle of the mist covered lake, now stood at the epic-center of this new world. As millions of people perished in the violent aftermath of the reformation, the lucky few that made the perilous flight to Icon found themselves isolated from the rest of the world… surrounded by the five mountain ranges that make up the Arms of the Aerten.

Gone was the sun. Night was eternal. For although the shard-world orbited the sun, the view from its surface was into the void of space. Massive chunks of the former planet orbited Aerten in random paths that often collided in a spectacular display. Yet, most of the former planet chased the long Arms of Aerten..

Twenty seasons have passed since the reformation. The survivors have labored to rebuild civilization as single, massive city surrounding Icon and the lake; creating a city that never sleeps and struggles for survival as the limited resources slowly dwindle. This is Last Haven.

The Hazard, ever-mindful that a vile evil has been awoken deep within the mountains, knows that the arcane mysteries vital to every mortals existence upon Aerten, now lie in the desolate ruins of the outer world. While most of Last Haven’s fragile government jockey for power and form the defenses to the city, the Hazard has assembled a group of heroes to discover the truths about the remains of Aerten.


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