Lorethan, the Hunter


Lorethan is eldest of the offspring of Halloran, the Wise. Lorethan is a vigilant warrior who delights in the hunt more than the kill. During the wars between the Ealintaine, Lorethan destroyed entier armies by hunting down the warriors one by one. His sttamina and perseverance is unequaled among his peers. His closest ally is his mother. Beyond Halloran, Lorethan has little dealings with any of the Ealintaine.

Lorethan has no organized religion worshipping him. Instead, most of his followers are independent disciples. The customs and practices of these disciples vary greatly, however, a common theme of hunting; war, survival and animal sacrifices can be found in their rituals and prayers.


Requirements: Minimum Xxx of 15

Powers Granted

Spheres of Influence
All, Animal, Creation, Guardian, Healing, Plant, Sun

Lorethan, the Hunter

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