Niomachus, the Just

Niomachus is one of the most powerful Ealintaine in Talmor. He is a valian warrior who rivals the skill and deadliness of Jolnar and Archeabus. Niomachus has a following of warriors known as the Order of the Knights of Niomachus. These knights represent the most courageous warriors whose disposition is one of service and compassion for fellow mortals. The ranks of the knights are open to any mortal or sub-mortal being who is part of a standing army or other military unit. Their peers, not the Order itself, nominate them to become knights. Following a year of service as an Initiate, they must pass an “ordeal” to become a full knight.

Niomachus is friendly amongst all the Ealintaine of Talmor, as is knights are often members of the armies of various other ealintaine. Calwein and Halloran are his largest supporters. The gods of Midian have little participation by their followers and, therefore, tend to dislike Niomachus. Archeabus is the sworn enemy of Niomachus.


Requirements: Minimum Xxx of 15

Powers Granted

Spheres of Influence
All, Astral, Charm, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Protection

Niomachus, the Just

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