Spell Casters

Magic System Overview
On the Nexus, we use an alternative magic system based on the mana point system published in Spells & Magic for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition.

With this system, every caster gains Mana Points as they level, and every spell they cast costs Mana Points. If the caster runs out of Mana Points, he can no longer cast any spells, including cantrips and orisons. However, the caster can choose to cast additional spells using his Hit Points when he has exhausted his Mana Points. This is normal damage and can render the caster unconscious or dead.

Spontaneous Casting
All spell casters have spontaneous casting ability. That is, specific spells need not be prepared each day. All spell casters will “know” a number of spells that are available for them to select at the time of casting.

Mana Points
Spell casters receive one mana point for each spell level of each spell level they are permitted to cast. For example, a 4th level cleric can cast three 1st level spells and two 2nd level spells and, therefore, has seven mana points, ((3×1)+(2×2))=7.

Additionally, spell casters gain additional Extra Mana Points based on an ability score; Intelligence for Wizards & Bards and Wisdom for Priests, Druids, Paladins & Rangers.

Wizards, who chose to specialize, also get bonus mana points for their additional spells. For example, a 4th level Evocationist would have seven mana points plus three bonus mana points as he would have one additional 1st level spell and one additional 2nd level spell. Bonus mana points may only be used to cast spells from the school in which the wizard specializes.

Wizards and Priests also get minor mana points to cast cantrips and orisons. A character’s minor mana points equals his primary casting ability score plus his caster level less nine. Therefore, a 5th level wizard with an Intelligence of 16 would have 12 minor mana points (16 + 5 – 9 = 12).

When a character casts a spell, Mana Points are Expended.

During game play, we will use poker chips to distinguish the three casting pools: Mana Points, Bonus Mana Points and Minor Mana Points.

Multiple Caster Classes
A character with levels in multiple classes that have spell casting ability track each pool of Mana Points separately.

Caster Class Specific Rules

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Spell Casters

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