Ethereal Realm - Mysteries of the Ether

“The Mysteries of the Ether” was written by Alec Harr.

This passage is an excerpt from The Mysteries of the Ether. Alec Harr claimed this passage to be the words of Telemar, on of the four Foundation Magi, as Alec allegedly spoke to him during a visit to Icon in 768 EC. However, the city has no record of a visit by Telemar from 752 EC until 813 EC. Whether Alec Harr incorrectly noted the date or speaker or whether he fabricated this section of his text is debated amongst the most learned in Icon.

Passing through the portal, I conceived the entirety of the strands of reality. The Harmonic Wave became one thought and I understood. Time did not exist as a reality but it was a tool to sense all realities. I could see every sight; could hear every sound; smell every odor; and feel every mortal being all at once. Then it was gone. I looked forth and saw a river of energy. I knew I had entered the Ethereal Realm.

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Ethereal Realm - Mysteries of the Ether

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