Ethereal Realm - Tomes of Magic

The Tomes of Magic by Zylstra

Zylstra, the First Hazard of Avenell, attributes the following passage to Alaquendai, one of the Foundation Magi. It was presumably translated from a series of papyrus scrolls written in the ancient tongue and found by Zylstra in early 812 EC. Zylstra used this passage to introduce his text entitled, The Tomes of Magic, published circa 1037 EC.

Magic. The force which drives the universe. The place where all men’s souls are bared and all mortals become equals. Magic knows no birthright or wealth. It knows only magic.

Magic exists because of the Ethereal Realm exists. When the universe had yet to be created, in the void stood Deyus, the mother of us all. She opened her eyes and saw two elements; and thus these elements came to be. The first element is energy. She reached out her left hand and created energy. The second element is life. She reached out her right hand and created life. She then stepped forth into the energy and life allowing them to mix and swirl with her and become beings.

Thus the Ealintaine were created. These magical beings of energy and life, mixed together with the thoughts of Deyus, developed personalities and grew as all beings grow. As infants and small children, they were content to play. They sang songs and played games, wrote poetry and frolicked in the void about Deyus. But, as they matured, they became bored with the games and the songs and wanted more. So they came to Deyus and asked for something to give their life purpose.

Deyus again envisioned tow elements. She reached out her left hand and created matter. She reached out her right hand and created life. She stepped among the matter and life and allowed it to swirl and to mix and to fill the void. This she called the universe. The matter separated into small spheres that orbited other spheres. It became dust and comets and suns and planets and plants and animals.

At first the Ealintaine reveled in their new world. They slept under the warm sun on the spinning planets. They surfed along the eddying currents of the flaming suns. They slid trough the trails of cosmic dust. They had a world to control and to shape. But, they longed to touch each other and to love each other’s flesh. They could use their energy to move and change matter. But, being only energy, they could not actually touch and be part of the matter.

At long last they came to the edge of the void and looked out at their mother Deyus and cried to her, “Let us come be with you and live in the void were we are not taunted by this matter we cannot touch.” Deyus heard their plea and brought them not unto her place in the void but created the Ether to fill a part of the void beyond the universe. Again Deyus envisioned two elements. She reached out her left hand and allowed energy to fill a new part of the void. She held out her right hand and allowed matter to mix with the energy in the void. This place she called the Ether; where energy matter mixed. The place where the swirl of energy and matter would be directed not by her own thought, but by her children, the Ealintaine. She showed the Ether to the Ealintaine and told them this was the place where they could become one with both energy and matter.

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Ethereal Realm - Tomes of Magic

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