House Rules for the Campaign

The Chronicles of Malta will use Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition. All supplements published for AD&D 2nd edition are available for use with GM approval.

Character Creation
Every player character on Malta has a heritage that has intersected with the Ethereal Realm granting him some mythic powers associated with that Ethereal Heritage. Rules regarding a player characters starting stats, race, class, experience and Ethereal Heritage can be found here.

The most important part of character creation, however, is the character’s background story. This story should include information about his origin and heritage, about his experiences up to the present, about his motivations and fears, and about his appearance and personality. Start a new forum thread under the Character subforum that is titled with your character’s name, and the GM’s will work with you to intigrate your character into the Chronicles of Malta.

Spell Casters
Spell casters use a slightly modified version of the magic system from the Magic & Spells supplement. First, all casters do not have to “memorize” spells and can spontaneously select their spells as they cast them. Secondly, spell casters gain mana points for the number of spells they can cast per day and each spell costs mana points to cast.

Critical Hits, Strikes & Misses
On the Nexus, combatants can make critical hits and have critical misses, and so can spell casters!

Character Death
All characters will eventually die… it is inevitable. Thank Deyus for ressurection! However, should your character die and cannot be ressurected, you can create a new character and the GM will work to get you back in the game as quickly as possible. If the current adventure is so far along to introduce your new character, the GM will allow you to play an NPC as an ally or rival of the party until the next aventure begins.

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House Rules for the Campaign

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