The Ealintaine

The Ealintaine are mystically powerful beings who discovered many years ago that when mortals worship them, they grow in power. They have granted powers to those disciples whom pray to the gods, the Ealintaine, and bring the gods’ names to new worshippers. The gods descended upon the Nexus several thousand years ago, bringing great destruction through the Second Great War. However, they succumbed to an enchantments issued by the four Foundation Magi. The more peaceful gods were taken back to Talmor while the more violent gods were banished to Median.

It is important to note that some gods do not condone or allow their followers to cast magic spells from some or all shools of magic. The reason for this is jealousy. The gods and the magi both pull their magical powers from the ehteral plane. Because the gods gain power from people thinking and praying to them, they do not like magi who do not worship them, but draw magical energies from the god’s own plane. They believe that the magi threaten their power. In fact, several deities tell their followers that magic use is blasphemous and punishable by death. Their followers persecute any people who use magic.

Ahnkil, the Shapeshifter
Archeabus, the Bringer of Death
Calwein, the Eagle
Cambris, the Gatekeeper of Time
Cosmos, the Revered
Daze, the Contented
Freel, the Beautiful
Gaelrawn, the Destroyer
Halcyon, the Life Giver
Halloran, the WIse
Jolnar, the Three Eyed Warrior
Lorethan, the Hunter
The Disembodied Eye of Manx
Mere, the Siren
Moonbiter, the Wolf
Niomachus, the Just
Pferryn, the Jackal Headed Flesheater
Quaraine, Lord of Lies
Rella, the Seductress
Reverie, the Dreamer
Seldraine, the Unicorn
Timeous, the Lucky
Volrath, the Contagious

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The Ealintaine

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